Targeted delivery of nitric oxide



BNOAT's proprietary nitric oxide-donor compound, NO-Cbl, like most potential anti-cancer drugs, was first tested in mice. More than 8 human tumor xenografts have been evaluated. Within days of beginning NO-Cbl treatment, the tumors in these mice were reduced by an average of 81% with no apparent side effects. In some of the mice, tumors were completely eradicated with no evidence of tumor re-growth even after 3 months following treatment.

In order to more accurately evaluate the potential anti-tumor effects of NO-Cbl, Dr. Bauer tested NO-Cbl in dogs with naturally occurring tumors.The results of Dr. Bauer’s dog studies received international media attention and were featured in US News and World Report, Forbes, Web MD, MSNBC Health and Medicine, the American Chemical Society and in several local news programs and newspapers.  When NO-Cbl was given to dogs with multiple types of cancers, the animals became asymptomatic within a matter of weeks. NO-Cbl significantly reduced the size of the tumors (65% on average) in all of the dogs and in some dogs completely eliminated the tumor altogether. NO-Cbl increased the life span of each animal and improved their quality of life without the adverse side effects commonly associated with current chemotherapy or radiation therapy regimes.  NO-Cbl has also been used in 1 cat with similar results.

Pre-Clinical Dog Study Results

Case 1:  A 13 year-old female spayed Giant Schnauzer with inoperable thyroid carcinoma and hypercalcemia demonstrated a 77% reduction in tumor volume after ten months of daily NO-Cbl treatment with no observed toxicity.
Case 2: A six year-old male neutered Golden Retriever with a malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor demonstrated a 39% reduction in tumor volume after 9 months of daily NO-Cbl therapy with no observed toxicity.
Case 3:  A 10 yr-old neutered male Bichon Frise with apocrine gland anal sac adenocarcinoma demonstrated a 43% regression of the primary tumor and a 90% regression of an enlarged iliac lymph node measured by MRI after 15 months of daily NO-Cbl treatment. After 54 months, the dog had stable disease and no evidence of toxicity.
Case 4: A seven year-old female spayed Labrador mix with spinal meningioma, following partial surgical resection, demonstrated complete regression of the residual tumor after 6 months of daily NO-Cbl treatment with no observed toxicity.

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